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Bee Farm Experience (1.5hrs)

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Honey Bee Farm Experience


Duration:  1.5 hours

Location:  Main Apiary in Myakka City, Florida (just 30 minutes east of Sarasota)

Cost Per Person:  $45 per person, Children 12 and under $25.00, No charge 5 or under(Group Rates over 10 available , Contact Us to Learn More)

Group Size:  2 people (minimum)  20 person maximum

Provided:  All bee suits and protection are provided

What to Expect:

  • Your 1 ½ tour will begin with a short lesson and familiarization on bees, beekeeping equipment, pollination and products from the beehive. Get a better understanding of honeybees and why their survival is so important to our world.

  • Honey Tasting!

  • You will get to experience how to suit up in protective gear, light a bee smoker, and get up close and personal with the bees as you watch them at work in their hive. You will be able to have an opportunity to hold a frame of live bees and get a picture to share with friends and family.

  • See the bees bring in pollen to the hive and watch new bees emerge from their comb.

  • Your hands-on tour will allow you an opportunity that few people get to experience!

Many of our visitors wish to learn more about bees, but do not have the time or space to start their own beehive.  We have created this opportunity to be an exciting way for families, church / school groups, Scouts get an up close and personal look at life and work of the beekeeper and the honeybee.

Reservations must include number of participants including ages.

Must sign a waiver of liability agreement. Each participant must sign (or their parents or legal guardian) a hold-harmless agreement that will be available at the apiary on the day of the tour or if need be, we can email the form to you for prior signatures.  This agreement ensures that you or the parent / legal guardian understands the inherent risk around a working bee hive and we will not be held liable for bee stings, allergic reactions or unsafe behavior by participants of your tour as well as our right to refuse a participant a tour if we deem they are acting in an unsafe manner at the apiary and near the beehives. We do all we can to prevent bee stings and most tours go without any bee stings but this is for our protection and yours.

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