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Pure Beeswax

100% Raw Beeswax

100% Pure Raw Beeswax

Here at Heritage Bee Farm we produce and sell the highest quality all natural and 100% pure beeswax, directly from the hive. The uses are endless and we have so many customers tell us that our beeswax has worked perfectly for their many different creative projects. Our customers use it for sewing, candle making, crafts and woodworking and so many other uses.

During our honey extraction process, we remove the wax capping’s to release the honey for bottling. Its at this time that the beeswax is filtered for the first time to remove excess honey. Now the beeswax is clean its ready for melting and one more filtering step. From here we pour the beeswax into block molds ready for future use. We sell our 100% Pure Beeswax in a variety size blocks; 1ounce, 1lb. and 2lb. blocks of wax. Additionally, if you are looking for bulk all natural beeswax, we can provide it in many different quantities.

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Natural Beeswax 100% Pure, 1 Pound Block
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Natural Beeswax 100% Pure, 1 Ounce Bar
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Beeswax Candles
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