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Wildflower Honey

Wildflower Honey - Heritage Bee Farm

Raw Wildflower Honey

Each Spring and Fall we anticipate the coming harvest of wildflower honey. Honey Bees make sweet wildflower honey from the fragrant nectar of trees, bushes, flowers and herbs near their hive. The taste and composition of our wildflower honey can vary dependent upon the variety of flowers in bloom at the time the honey is made. Heritage Bee Farm’s local wildflower honey is gathered from our wildflower sources such as: Holly, Galberry, Palmetto, Spotted Mint, Golden Rod, Spanish Needle and Brazilian Pepper.

The type of flowers the nectar originates from influences the color and flavor of the resulting honey. As the honey bees utilize the assortment of flowers found in nature, the honey is simply referred to as wildflower honey. The taste, aroma and flavor will vary from season to season, depending on which flowers are dominant at the time the nectar is collected.

The mild floral flavor and sweetness of Florida’s wildflower honey makes it a popular sweetener for hot or cold tea. You can also use it to sweeten other beverages, such as coffee, as well. Try drizzling wildflower honey on top of pancakes and waffles or use it on muffins and biscuits instead of jam. However you decide to use our premium wildflower honey you can be sure it is 100% raw, unheated, unpasteurized, unfiltered, unprocessed and in the same condition as it was in the hive.

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