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Pollinator Wildflower Mix Seeds
Pollinator Wildflower Mix Seeds

Pollinator Wildflower Mix Seeds - Honey Bee and Butterfly Food

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Easy to Grow Wildflowers for Honey Bees and Butterflies

This seed packet includes wildflowers that attract both honey bees and native bees to their colorful blooms. Annual wildflowers are fast-growing and nectar-rich, playing an important role in supporting pollinators everywhere. Share these with anyone who wants to help bolster bee populations in their community! Do your part in helping save the Bees!

These Wildflower seeds contain a mixture of favorite annual wildflowers, including red poppies, annual baby's breath, cornflowers, and others. These flowers are annuals - they'll sprout and only bloom in the first year, although some will reseed. For perennials or to learn more about wildflowers, as well as flower bulbs, perennial plants, and more. The standard size is 3 1/4" wide x 4 1/2

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