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Our Story

Our Story

AboutUs Heritage Bee Farm

It was curiosity and amazement in the honeybee that started owner and operator Chris Vasquez down the path of keeping bees. "A church friend who was a commercial beekeeper knew there was an interest, so he dropped off a couple of hives at our house one day." That was the beginning that fueled the ongoing interest and passion for bees! The hobby with just two hives turned into 10, then to 50.... Several years and over a thousand hives later, the appreciation for bees has only continued growing.

Our business is a family endeavor where everyone can contribute. Chris and Melissa have 9 Children, 3 Married with 3 Grandchildren and have centered their business on providing the highest quality, pure and most natural product. "We work together as a family in different aspects of the business. Some of the family enjoys working with the bees while others are content bottling and labeling and creating honey products. We have also had the wonderful opportunity to have been mentored by one of the best queen producers in the country and our oldest son has worked for a few years side by side producing the best queens and queen cells for the hobbyist and backyard beekeeper, to the large scale commercial pollinator."

Our family business is in beautiful Myakka City, Florida. Our apiary (bee and honey farm) is nestled in a country setting surrounded by pasture land, oaks and pine trees and hundreds of acres of citrus groves. Our bee farm is just 1 mile from the Myakka the bee flies!

We are proud to produce and supply you with the finest natural Local Raw Honey, Queen Bees and Beehive Products.

We are amazed at the handy work of our Creator who made every living thing that moves... especially the bees!
Hands to work! Hearts to God!
Chris, Melissa and Family