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Bee Pollination Service


Honeybee Pollination Service 

As a honeybee pollination company, our goal is to work with farm owners and managers in a cooperative approach and collaboration. What we hear from farmers is that beekeepers who offer honeybee pollination generally have a take it or leave it to approach to pricing and methods. Our goal is different and we strive to work closely with you the farmer, communication being key and to ensure the very best bee pollination for your crops. Heritage Bee Farm has thousands of hives available for rental bee service and since we are also queen breeders, we understand bee stock lines that work best in your geographic area. Our honeybee pollination services are used in Central Florida where we are home-based and we also serve farmers with bee pollination nationwide. 

We are committed to bringing the best pollination and we know the importance of a strong hive!

Pollination service begins with strong bees

  • We re-queen 100% of our beehives each year. This means high brood production.
  • Our brood/hive ratio is among the highest in the industry. 
  • Remember when choosing your pollination service that strength, logistics and experience allow us to keep our pollination promises.
  • Communication is key for us! Our goal is to partner closely with you as we meet our goals together.