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Package Bees

Package Bees from Heritage Bee Farm

Bee Package vs. Nucs Hives

Bee packages are a screened in wooden boxes with bees. Packages typically have a queen, in a queen cage on the inside.  It also has a can of sugar syrup to slowly supply food to the bees. Its often hard to acquire packages without ordering them months in advance.

Bee packages are shippable and can last for up to 2 weeks since they have a food source. This that makes them a desirable commodity. 

Typical pricing for a package is $105-$175 depending on shipping and availability.  If you are just getting into bees or are wanting an accelerated chance at producing honey, we would suggest a better option for our local customers.

Rather than bee packages,  for only a small percentage more (and sometimes even less cost) we sell Nuc Hives and Starter Hives at an affordable cost. The Nuc hives have more bees a queen, AND 4-5 frames of established drawn bee comb and colony.  Bees from a package could take months to accomplish what a Nucleus hive has right from the start.

Buying a nucleus hive (5 frames)  is a value far beyond just a bee package.  Just not shippable, but easily transportable – one person can carry it easily. Nuc Hives

Buying a Starter Hive (10 frame hive) is the best value but is bulkier and although one person can carry and move it its helpful to have a helper or a dolly.   we can offer local delivery services if so desired. Full Hives