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In the Mating Nuc Yard

Posted by Chris on 12/28/2016 to The Bee Yard
In the Mating Nuc Yard
ArtsMatingNucYard | Heritage Bee Farm
We made a few adjustments to our mating nucs, moving our medium boxes to the bottom of the hive with a queen excluder. This is to separate the two boxes in order to encourage the queen to lay in or smaller frames which we will be using more of in the spring. In addition, we vaporized the hives with an oxalic acid treatment for varroa mites. 

Bee with Pollen | Heritage Bee Farm Bee Drinking Honey | Heritage Bee Farm
My daughter Meghan (the photographer) took some really nice close-up pictures of the honeybees with pollen attached and drinking up some recently spilled Honey. The pictures were taken from a clip on devise that takes macro pictures right from an i-phone.  

Little Bees in the Bee Yard | Heritage Bee Farm
Joshua and Katheryn next to dad helping out with the bees!