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Fruit Flavors ~ Honey Sticks Package

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Item Number:2019-Sticks-FruitPack

Fruit Flavor Honey Sticks - Fruit Flavors

Yummy straws filled with flavored honey!
2 Peach, 2 Banana, 2 Blueberry, 2 Grape, 2 Cherry, 2 Apple

How To Open Honey Sticks

Honey sticks are fun and easy to open.
  • Simply place the end of the honey-stick between your front teeth with the end vertical and bite down... Just like you would for a sunflower seed.
  • Another option is to place your thumb at the base of the seal and just flip upward to pop the end open... Just like flipping a coin.
  • Or if you have scissors handy you can just clip the end off and enjoy!!! 

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