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Cute Gift Basket with Raw Honey, Handmade Soap, Lip Balm, Honey Candies - Heritage Bee Farm
Cute Gift Basket with Raw Honey, Handmade Soap, Lip Balm, Honey Candies - Heritage Bee Farm

Cute Gift Basket - Raw Honey and Handmade soap gift baskets - beeswax lip balm, honey candy, beeswax candle or heart soap, Bee Farm gift

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Gift Baskets from our Bee Farm to your Home! Products from the beehive.

1- 4oz. Honey
1-small beeswax candle OR small Heart shaped handmade soap
1-large bar of handmade soap (might be substituted)
5- assorted flavor Honey candies
1- lip balm (Vanilla, Peppermint or Herbal Mint)

(When you Order, Provide us with your special message and we will be happy to send a custom-made card to your giftee!)

If you are ordering a large number of baskets please contact us for a more accurate shipping cost.

Products may vary slightly from the pictures. For example, we carry many popular handmade soaps which our daughter makes and we will select from our current inventory. They are all great!

We are a family-owned and operated business in beautiful Myakka City, Florida. Our apiary (bee farm) is nestled in a country setting surrounded by large oaks, camphor and pine trees, and hundreds of acres of citrus groves.

We are proud to produce and supply you with the finest natural raw honey and beehive products.

We are amazed at the handy work of our Creator who made every living thing that moves... especially the bees! Consider that:

·    Bees forage for up to 3 miles distance and find their way back to their hive. Even when hundreds of hives are present. 
·    Bees use glands on their abdomen to excrete a small flake that gives us the wonderful product of beeswax.
·    The average life span of a worker bee in the summer lasts only six to eight weeks.
·    During the lifetime of a worker bee, it will produce about 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey

After the bees work, we can enjoy the bountiful blessings of pure honey as it comes directly from the hive, bottled for us to enjoy not only its sweet taste, but its many other benefits. 

Chris ~ Melissa and Family

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