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Comb Honey

Comb Honey Benefits

All Natural Comb Honey

Before the invention of the honey extractor "comb honey" was the primary source of honey commercially produced. Older generations beginning in the late 17thcentury until about 1915 would have had comb honey more than any other form. The natural state of comb honey is exactly how the bees make it in the hive as well as how its utilized by bees as a food source. Honey bees build the hexagonal cells of beeswax and then they fill each "honeycomb" cell with the available floral sources of nectar. The culmination and result of this natural process is the wonderful harvest of comb honey that we can all appreciate and benefit from.
Many of our customers love to eat comb honey on a hot piece of toast or will place small pieces on top of their favorite salad. You can also try mixing a piece into your morning yogurt which is both delicious and healthy. However you decide to eat it, you can be certain that you are eating the most natural state of Honey available; Heritage Bee Farm’s 100% ALL NATURAL RAW HONEY COMB!