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Bee Rescue and Removal

Bee Swarm Removal: What to do, and what not to do

  • We will relocate honey bees so just simply give us a call so we can assess the situation.
  • Don't spray any pesticide or any other chemicals. This could provoke the bees, and is completely unnecessary. Also, given the difficulties faced by all bees including honey bees, we need to take care to preserve the ones we have. We need the bees and there is opportunity for us to save them and move them to our working apiary.
  • Do not throw sticks, rocks or other items at the swarm in an attempt to drive it away!  You'll only aggravate the bees!
  •  We make every attempt to take the swarm and start up a new colony in a vacant hive, and the bees and our environment will benefit.  

It is a good idea to get a hold of an experienced beekeeper because we will remove the bees safely, humanely, and sometimes free of charge. 

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