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Really Raw Honey

What are the Benefits of Raw Honey? What makes Raw Honey Raw?

These are the questions we are often asked and this page will help bring clarity to the questions and provide you with a source of the finest raw honey available. First of all, Raw Honey has not been micro filtered, clarified or pasteurized and should usually state 100% pure.A great deal of honey found in the grocery store is not considered raw honey but rather "commercial or big box store" honey, some of which has been purified (heated to over 160 degrees or more, trailed by a quick cooling process) The reason this is done is for easy filtration and bottling, followed by aesthetic purposes in order for the honey to look cleaner and smoother on the shelf. Another reason for honey to be overheated by commercial producers is that it slows down the crystallization process.Generally Raw and Unfiltered honey can easily be purchased directly from the bee farms OR beekeepers, like us!

There are two characteristics of Raw Honey:
1. The first being the liquid and more translucent like that which you would find in commercial stores however the color and taste varieties are much different.
2. The second characteristic is a creamed honey which is usually opaque and is made by adding finely crystallized honey back into liquid honey.

The truth is that both of these honey types are accurately considered “Raw honey”. There are companies that sell the creamed honey as more “raw” than the other however, usually this isn’t the case and is a way to market a form of raw crystalized honey. Again, these are both very good options when deciding on pure raw honey to purchase and either are beneficial to your health. Looking under a microscope at what’s inside true raw honey will reveal pollen, propolis, and small honeycomb bits of wax, full of enzymes and natural nutrition.It’s nearly impossible to tell if in fact a honey is raw or pasteurized based on the taste of it or even by its form (creamed or liquid) Our recommendation is that you purchase from a reputable bee farm or local beekeeper.

You can be confident when you buy Raw Honey from Heritage Bee Farm that we bottle each and every bottle by hand, never any pasteurizing or micro filtering. Yes, it’s a little slower- but we want to make sure we always supply you with the best 100% raw honey you can buy.

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